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Easier to hand set. Again, maybe because it’s slightly heavier, the Wilson ball is definitely easier to hand set. It sits in your hands nicely, and really lends itself to being aggressive and using your hands all the time. Slightly cheaper. Priced in at about £40, compared to the Mikasa’s £45, the Wilson is slightly cheaper.

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4) Wilson AVP replica Game ball. The Wilson AVP replica game ball much like the Mikasa it built and constructed in the exact same way as the official game ball so it is both the correct size and weight. The main differences again is the quality of the materials used.

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What About Wilson and Spalding? If you’ve searched for a volleyball online than you might have run into Spalding and Wilson volleyballs. These two brands are also very big, but the most notable ball manufacturers are Molten, Mikasa, and Tachikara, which is why I didn’t include these two in the previous section.

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Wilson AVP official game ball, WTH4308, Mikasa VLS300, Mikasa FIVB Olympic Beach, Spalding King of the Beach, Wilson AVP Gold, Wilson H4100, WTH4100, Wilson AVP Silver, Wilson Reaction, Wilson H4300. Winning Edge Sports - Volleyballs

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Here, I’ll review three popular balls available on Amazon: the Mikasa VLS300 Beach Champ, the Wilson OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball, and the Molten Elite Beach Volleyball. They’re all approved by professional players. I’ll take you through the pros and cons of each so you can choose one that’s perfect for you.

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Other than having all the features of an ideal beach volleyball, the Mikasa beach champ volleyball is also quite affordable. One of the most prominent important features to consider in beach volleyball reviews is shape. The Mikasa beach champ volleyball features reinforced panels, giving it a more spherical shape than other balls.