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U8 Game Rules

U8 Game Rules Size 3 Soccer Ball. All players MUST have shin guards and a water bottle. Four 8 minute quarters. Do not keep official score (ie: no league tables, play offs, etc), the children will know the score regardless if it is kept officially. 5 v. 5, with Goalies, all field players should move with the ball.

US Youth Soccer Official Under 8 Playing Recommendations

the shooting odds for the U8 age group are one versus seven, so let’s give them a chance by having a larger target. However, manufactured goals are not mandatory for U8 Small Sided Games. Clubs are free to use cones, Pug goals or other items to designate the goal for this age group. Any goal must be properly anchored to the ground.

2021 U8 Youth Soccer Guidelines and Rules - Harrisonburg, VA

Soccer League Guidelines/ U8 (Ages 7-8): Below are the standards and rules in which this league will operate. These rules shall serve as guidelines for those playing, coaching, officiating, and administering. Some rules may be modified during the season if the league administrator’s see it is in the best interest of the participants.


wins” theory. Children should be taught the basics of dribbling, passing, and trapping. U8 players will be expected to be able to dribble with both feet, develop a soft first touch, be introduced to shooting, and be introduced to passing. More importantly, they will have fun and develop a love for the game. 5V5 OFFICIAL LAWS U8 Law I - The Field:

Basic Rules of the U8 Game

Players may legally contact the ball with any part of their legs, feet, and torsos. Players may not legally contact the ball with their hands, arms, shoulders, or heads. Most unintentional illegal contacting of the ball at the U8 level is ignored in favor of maintaining the flow of the game.

Under 8 Soccer Game Play & Conduct Rules & Guidelines For Coaches

Under 8 Soccer Game Play & Conduct Rules & Guidelines For Coaches • The U8 game is broken down into FOUR 12-minute quarters. Teams will only change ends at halftime. • There are 4players plus a goalie on each side. Teams must use a different goalie for each quarter.

U6/U8 Rec Soccer Rules | MyerstownSoccerClub

In Game Rules. U6/U8 soccer does not keep score. This is a time for players to build confidence and skills while having fun. No penalty kicks or direct kicks – indirect kicks only. No Slide Tackling allowed. Throw-ins from the sidelines and goal kicks or corner kicks from the end line. Allow some latitude on throw-ins while emphasizing proper technique.

Rules of the Game | US Youth Soccer

FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game. August 1, 2017 marked the official rollout of US Soccer's Player Development Initiatives (PDIs). This presentation is available in English and Spanish, which serves as a resource for parents, coaches and referees supporting the growth and improvement of grassroots soccer.