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China did not have a professional soccer league until the NINTH. In 1994 the first season of Jia A was held, a league that allowed participation in the highest category of clubs belonging to companies, and forced all its members to adopt professionalism.

The Origin, History, and Invention of Soccer

Soccer in Ancient Times. Some suggest that the history of soccer dates back as far as 2500 B.C. During this time, the Greeks, Egyptians, and Chinese all appear to have partaken in games involving a ball and feet. Most of these games included the use of hands, feet, and even sticks to control a ball.

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It is probable that the game has its roots in countries like Ancient Rome, China, or Greece. In these places, history has it that people kicked a ball made from leather. According to research, the period that China, Greece, and Ancient Rome engaged in soccer was in 2nd and 3rd centuries. However, the rules of soccer were less complex at that time.

Who Invented Soccer: The Origin and History of The Beautiful Game

The first appearance of soccer as a sport was in China. According to the International Federation Football Association or FIFA, the Chinese had invented a competitive game known as cuju that resembled our modern version of soccer.

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Origins and History Though the sport was likely played for some time prior, cuju’s earlier record lies within the 3rd century BC Zhan Guo Ce , a historical political textbook. China was the birthplace and primary home of the sport, though it appears to have even practiced in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam to some degree.

The history of football (soccer)

The first known ball game which also involved kicking took place In China in the 3rd and 2nd century BC under the name cuju. Cuju was played with a round ball (stitched leather with fur or feathers inside) on an area of a square. A modified form of this game later spread to Japan and was by the name of kemari practiced under ceremonial forms.

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The Chinese Super League ( 中超联赛, CSL) is the highest tier of professional association football in Mainland China operating under the auspices of the Chinese Football Association (CFA). The Super League was created by the re-branding of the former top division, Chinese Football Association Jia-A League, in 2004.