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Based on the nature of the game, foot and ankle injuries are actually the most common injury in volleyball players. The traditional school of thought in the sports medicine world is that most foot and ankle injuries that occur in volleyball happen when the foot is in the plantarflexed position (when your heel is raised off the ground and your weight is forward on the balls of your feet). However, new research suggests that might not be the case.

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If low-back pain is accompanied by pain that radiates down the legs and numbness or weakness in the foot or ankle, the culprit may be a herniated disk. In cases of radiating pain, an MRI may be helpful in evaluating the presence of a disc herniation. In most cases, volleyball players can return to play once the pain, numbness, and weakness resolves.

Foot and ankle injuries in the barefoot sports

Swimming and diving have a low rate of foot and ankle injuries. The risk of ankle sprain in beach volleyball, which is played barefoot, seems to be lower than that for indoor volleyball, played wearing shoes. Martial arts place competitors at risk for injuries to the foot and ankle from torsional and impact mechanisms.

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Treatment can vary significantly depending on the injury. Ankle Sprains. Ankle injuries are the most common injury to volleyball players and responsible for the most lost playing time. Ankle sprains should be immobilized for as short as time as possible to allow for quicker rehabilitation.

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Plantar Fasciitis is an injury causing heel pain and foot pain. The Plantar Fascia or arch ligament is a band that runs from under the heel to the front of the foot. A rupture can sometimes occur at the origin of the arch ligament and result in inflammation and heel pain. This is more common in sports where jumping is important. What are the ...

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Ankle sprains and strain are the most common injury in volleyball, making up 23.6% of volleyball injuries. 4 They often occur at the net when an opposing player lands on another player’s foot. A sprain occurs if the ligament is stretched or torn while a strain occurs if a tendon or muscle tissue is stretched or torn.

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Below are some of the most common injuries connected to volleyball. #9: “Sand Toe” Although the most widespread type of volleyball injury overall is ankle sprains, beach volleyball in particular has its own set of unique concerns. In addition to issues caused by foreign bodies in the sand (such as lacerations to the foot and toes caused by shells or glass), “sand toe” is another cause for concern.

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The incidences of musculoskeletal injuries in volleyball players can be mainly linked to the complexity of the game in terms of rapid lateral movements combined with repetitive ballistic actions such as blocking or spiking the ball, both of which involve vertical jumps.