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20 Basketball Layup / Finishing Drills for Coaches & Players

Here are a few good interleaving and random layup drills: Cone Grab Finishing Drill. 3 Cone - Groove Finishing Drill. The Arc Finishing Drill. Figure 8 Hook Shots. Wichita State Attack Series. Finishing Moves Off the Pass. Drop Step Dribble - Ballhandling & Finishing. Kyrie Irving Mikan Drill With 12 Variations. 11 Competitive Layup / Finishing Drills

Lay-up/Finishing Drills - Basketball Training

From left side of floor take extra step and finish with right hand off of the left foot on the right side of hoop (off the glass). Two foot – regular: From the right side of floor dribble toward the right block, as you approach the hoop come to a jump stop or a two-step stop. Jump off of two feet and finish with a right handed lay-up off the glass.

5 Layup Drills You Must Use Next Practice (Full Instructions)

A great conditioning drill that works on long passing and finishing layups at full speed. Setup: 3 basketballs. 2 basketballs in the corner the first player will start from, and 1 with the player in the opposite corner. A minimum of 5 players are needed for this drill to work. Preferably more as it involves a lot of sprinting. Instructions:

Great Basketball Drills For Finishing - Layup Drill For ...

This is one of my favorite basketball drills for finishing. If you struggle to make layups then this will help you too.http://BallerBootCamp.com/sww -- FR...

Basketball Finishing Drill - The Arc Finishing Drill

Step 1: Before you start the drill, you must set up 5 cones around the three point line (marked as X's on the diagram to the right). Start by dribbling with your right hand around the first cone and then come back to the basket to shoot a right handed lay-up. Step 2:

The BEST Basketball Drills for Finishing Layups - YouTube

The BEST basketball drills for finishing layups. Get better at finishing layups faster with these basketball drills. Learn how to finish your basketball layu...

How to: Finish At The RIM!!! Daily 3 Minute LAYUP ROUTINE ...

In this video we'll go over how to: Finish At The RIM!!! Daily 3 Minute Layup Routine - Basketball Training Drills. This daily 3 minute layup routine will he...

7 Finishing Moves Off The Pass and 4 Skill Drills

Drill - 2 on 2 Cone Touch With Pass Defender. If you have four players, you can also have somebody pressure the ball, so you can work on pass fakes. Drill - 2 on 2 With Screener. If you have five players, you can add a screener. This time, the offense and defense will start on the opposite side. And you won't need any cones. Drill - 3 on 3 Flex Screen